Lety, the Czech Republic

The labour camp for the Romani community from the so-called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia by the occupying German army), under the German occupation of Czechoslovakia continued the internment system and the correctional facility set up in 1939. Prisoners were typically used for hard labour such as road  works. The records about the Romani population in the camp system are […]

Falstad Internment Camp, Norway

The site today known as the Falstad Memorial and Human Rights Museum is representative for successive internment and penal histories on the site. Set up as an educational facility for unintegrated youth in the 1920s, during the Nazi occupation of Norway of the Second World War it taken over by the SS and transformed into […]

Treblinka Extermination Camp, Poland

In 1941, the SS and police authorities established a forced-labor camp for Jews in the perimeter which also served the SS and police authorities as a so-called Labor Education Camp for wholesale non-Jewish Poles. Both groups of inmates were deployed for forced labor in a nearby gravel pit. Treblinka II became part of the Operation Reinhard […]


iC-ACCESS assesses the competing dynamics of (competing postwar memories of Nazi, Communist and fascist terror at work in the European space and aims to offer tools which can potentially offer a coherent way of their storytelling that integrates different histories and divergent memories. ‘Heritage as narrative’ is articulated through national experiences and tropes of resistance, […]