PhD positions available in the Humanities Department, at University of Amsterdam

An interview with Dirk Mulder, director of the  Memorial Camp Westerbork, on the research started within ICACCESS is available in the monthly newsletter of the memorial.

Memorial dynamics of Lviv and Lublin

The UvA Heritage and Memory Studies MA group looked at contestations around memory and heritage during a research visit focusing on narratives and framings of ‘borders’. Some of their findings are accessible here:

Changes in Lety, in the Czech Republic

One of the central sites in the project, the perimeter of the former labour and later concentration camp of Roma in Lety (where, after 1943, members of the Vlasov Army and German soldiers were also interned) is currently undergoing structural changes. The farm that has occupied part of the known location of the camp will seize activities in the following months. In October 2017, Czech authorities announced plans for a new memorial dedicated to the Roma victims during the Second World War on the site, after a two decades long dispute and coming at a time of worldwide debates concerning the status of research on the Porajmos in Europe.

ICACCESS workshop, October 2017

The 4th research workshop of the project was organised in Westerbork. On the 15th of October, IC_ACCESS in collaboration with Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork introduced in the temporary display of the Westerbork memorial a digital modelling of camp Westerbork in the year 1944, together with a mirroring virtual spatial environment previously developed for Bergen Belsen, by the SPECS research group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in collaboration with Gedenkstatte Bergen-Belsen. During the event, the archaeology teams were also involved in scanning the Heidelager location and the camp commander’s house on site, both for future reconstruction. Dirk Mulder, director of the Westerbork Memorial Center discusses part the relevance of this research. A report and visual material from the event is accessible here.

Research in Lety, the Czech Republic, July 2017

The teams of WP3 have been conducting archaeological investigations in Lety. A documentation of the visit will be available online soon.

Research visit to the Jasenovac Memorial Site, Croatia, 8-11 June 2017

The teams of WP1 and WP3 are conducting a research visit to Jasenovac. A documentation of the visit is available here.

Workshop and site visit to the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka and the site, Poland,  5-8 May 2017

The project team is in Treblinka for a site and research visit, together with archaeological investigations. A documentation of the visit is available online here.

Research visit to the Falstad Memorial Centre, Norway, 21-25 April 2017

The team of WP1 is conducting a research visit to Falstad. A documentation of the visit is available here.

PhD vacancy within Ic_Access ’20th Century Terrorscapes and Transitional Justice’

Workshop and site visit Gendekstatte Bergen Belsen, Germany

The project team is on an on site visit between January 18th – 21th, 2017. A documentation of the visit is available here.

Workshop and site visit Kamp Westerbork, the Netherlands

Our first site visit and workshop scheduled between 18th -20th October 2016. A documentation of the visit will be available online soon.